Why is tokenization important?

First, an asset that is tokenised benefits from increased market liquidity. This improves price discovery and broadens market access. This is particularly true for assets that traditionally lack liquidity - for example, art and intellectual property.Second, tokenised assets can be transacted very quickly and cheaply. Blockchains enable peer-to-peer transactions, which mitigate the chokepoints and the high fees imposed by traditional intermediaries. No intermediary means fewer costs overall.Third, any transaction of tokenised assets is publicly visible and therefore auditable. Here's the real breakthrough - transparency is built into blockchains by design. You don't have to trust, you can verify. Fourth. tokenisation enables us to reclaim ownership of our digital selves from big tech. It puts us in the driver's seat in control of our data, creations, identity and purchases, maximizing user choice, privacy and portability.

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